Terracotta and glaze, dimensions variable.

This is an ancestral love project, as it is a communal project.

Chigüiros (Capybaras) are native to Colombia, and they are absolutely my favorite animal.
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Never having seen one before in this life, I have always admired them. During 2021, I was squishing clay one night and encountered some lost memories, and ended up creating a Capybara that became the reference for all the future Capybara models.

Then, In January of 2022, my lovely friends surprised me in an animal sanctuary in Central FL where I met two Chigüiros. From there, I was filled with so many ideas for making custom Capybaras (the “two headed Capy”, the “freak on the leash”, “Flappybara”, “Capy with a butterfly on its nose”, etc.)

I had no immediate plans as to where I wanted to go with this project, and it became a healing process squishing a lil’ population con muchísimo amor!!

To place your order for your Chiguiro/Capybara,
please use the form below:

Capybara/Chiguiro order form

Proceeds of each Capybara will be donated to either:

-orgs/communities/Mutual Aid funds of your choice
-directly to my artist practice.


“A LITTLE POP UP- 1” EVENT (on Instagram)

A little Pop was an art collective fundraiser sale that took place at The Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL on the 2022 Artist Open day (May 21).
Proceeds went to The Indigineous Women’s Abortion Fund.
Participating artists were:
Vũ H. Khánh-Nguyên // @inhalingnow
Gabriela Fernandez // @skrabzhuk
Astrielle Williams // @astrilllart
Avi Young // @avi.a.lover
Agua Dulce // @_agua.dulce_

Happy customers with their new Capybaras (from “A Little Pop Up 1”)

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