moments inbetween

This collection of imagery is for celebrating the outcasts, the queers,
the eccentric creatives who also represent their passions and preserve their cultures through the DIY/underground scenes.

In a city that is constantly shifting and undergoing hyper-development and gentrification,
I use this space to archive, document, and preserve the landscape and community that have shaped everyday Miami,
a Miami which can often be overlooked or forgotten, and is rapidly dissapearing..

This is the American culture I identify as, within local, niche, campy, and quirky Miami, underground Miami,
Queer Miami, and Caribbean + South American immigrant culture in Miami.

Lasting memories and influential culture can be made when people can feel both out of their comfort zone and simultaneously showcased as their true selves.
I have found myself, destroyed myself, reclaimed myself, and loved myself a in all of these spaces.

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