Artist Statement
As a photo based artist my work stems from working with images taken in 35mm film, content rooted in “documentary photography”, and theories in the deconstructivist philosophy that allows me to investigate ‘truth’, identity, and certainty through fragmentation.

Using photography, I am able to observe or represent versions of reality.
My process translates into a physical manifestation of my concepts through the continuous layering of deconstructed images that reference different themes of my practice, such as Madrugando, as a way of life.

The term Madrugando is a phrase I grew up with, coming from a Colombian background. I realized through the parallels of my identity and family structures, as well as that of latinx communities that 'Madrugando' is a way of life.
In english, 'Madrugando' translates to “Waking up early, working long, working hard”.

My interests in transparencies, double exposures, reflections, and layering allow me to investigate the sentimentality of connectivity shared between humans. From there, the photographs exist as archival, skeletal vessels for me to thread parallels between my identity and that of the environment (I/we) inhabit.

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