Las Certezas De La Gente,

“The Certainties of The People”, (2020) 

Series of 7, 24” x 40”  each, 1/1

35mm film, scanned,
compositions image transferred on PlexiGlass

Thesis for Bachelors in Fine arts, New World School Of The Arts 

Original exhibition Date (cancelled due to Covid-19):
April 4th, 2020 

*Each piece (titled by given day) can be viewed through their individual slideshow

The process of taking images in 35mm film in Colombia, digitized, and then is fragmented to create new imagery. Each image is meticulously composed to translate the theory of deconstructivism within Madrugando itself, not to naturalize what isn’t natural. As the parts of every fragmented area of form, color, and movement emulating logocentrism in “documentary photography” begin to be processed, we also see the deconstruction revealing the certainty on this cold substrate being the container for the archive of reality that deconstructs the visual rhetoric of systematic institutions. 

This is where I explore the possibilities of translating this into visual language, where these compositions activate the true nature of Madrugando as the certainty, the eccentric center of its existence within: “Nuestra Gente/Our people”. I chose to make 7 pieces, one for every day of the week.

By physically transferring and investigating experimental processes of photography on different substrates, such as transparencies, I am given the opportunity to parallel a visual language tethered from the fragments and layers of my images that exist on both sides of the material.

Because the works are not traditional, the theory of the pieces allows for an opportunity for the work to exist in a free floating space, where someone can experience the pieces with the opportunity of a flat white wall behind it for a clear vision of the first layer of the works, but also allowing a space where the works can exist to be seen from the other side, a new layer of physical movement of people throughout the show to activate the pieces.








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