“Los Fragmentos Que He Cosido” (2018)
(The fragments I have sown)

35mm film sourced digital collage

Los Fragmentos Que He Cosido (The fragments I have sowed) is a series of 35mm negatives scanned at a high resolution that, like most rolls of film, aren’t the “best” or most compositionally strong to stand alone as an image. The idea that I took the photos in the first place, preserved them on a tangible archive, and digitized them to be of high value separates value in that in itself before content, object value, or composition is even brought in to question by myself or the audience. I digitally collage these negatives as fragmented “scraps” that. I think of this process in the way similar to that of the matriarchs in my Colombian background; also similar to most Hispanic families (and ethnic minority families) that sow and weave clothes for their families. Insignificant scraps or layers of fabric that mean so much sentimentally to the person making them and the person wearing them, each negative is layered and can be considered quilted together as a fragments of my memory and my sentiments towards the image that I archived with high value with content of my memories threaded together of Colombia in high resolution now touches the digital world significantly more than as a stand alone image may not have sentimental effect or compositional zest otherwise but now has a value as a whole new piece, which then itself makes it more important than a simple phone picture that is a couple of MB’s or digital photo that can be easily forgotten data left to fill up iCloud storage.

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