Poemas De La Carretera (Poems from the Highway),
2018, Digital Collage, Series of 6
This is a series that is inspired by a 10 hour car ride from Bogota to Cali, Colombia. As you drive through the highway in Colombia, you see these yellow wall barriers that separate the road from the side of the mountain. The yellow barriers are filled with graffiti, but not the typical graffiti I see in the United States. The graffiti here is a united collection of different poems, protests, chants, and names that you see have been written by the locals who live near that mile marker. I was inspired by the writings, because they speak of nature, loving the land, protecting the earth, social class, love, and of course, soccer. I categorized each individual piece by organizing the similar words and messages of the writings on the wall into 6 different pieces, uniting the people who have never met and live hours away from each other in similar, small barrios that are no bigger than 2 miles surrounded by mountains on both sides.

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