Tethered I, II, & III, 2018

Tea Tree Oil Photo Transfers and String on Arches Warm Press Fiber Paper, dimensions variable, 1/1 each

*Each piece can be viewed through their individual slideshow, below..
For this series of artist books, I decided to make deconstructed versions of traditional book binding structures. (The Venetian blind fold, the tunnel book fold, and an origami fold).
    Personal images shot on expired film, printed and tea tree oil transferred to the fiber paper. Some transfer images can be recognizable, while some transfer images become abstracted, transfered only in fragmented forms and gestural marks.
    The text is derived from my personal writings. The words, though meticulously arranged, have elusive, poetic tones allow the fragmented text to also feel gestural.
    As the each side of the paper is seen, the words and pages feel as they are unraveling within their fever state, while simultaneously leaving time and space in its disoriented vessel.
    Held on by threads, each book maintains a delicate structure, wound and binded in ways that are only accessible to be seen by one individual interacting with each book at a time.

Tethered I.

Tethered II.

Tethered III.

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